• Portronics POR 343 UFO 6 Ports 8A Home Charging Station (White)
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Portronics POR 343 UFO 6 Ports 8A Home Charging Station (White)

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Today we carry multiple mobile dev ices at a time. Tablets, Smartphone's, MP3'S, Kindles, iPads, Headsets, GPS, Cameras. There are so many devices now that need to be kept charged-up to ensure they operate properly. Goodbye to swapping out multiple adapters from a single outlet. UFO Home Charge convenience of charging your devices through a single device having multi ports to satisfy all your power hungry devices with 5V output. Our home and offices have limited number to AC sockets to charge there plethoras of devices. Portronics brings forward the second generation economical solution for charging the devices through one single device, UFO Home Charge 8A is one of the most innovative steps forwards. Now one can charge 6 devices at a time with just having the charging cable. This is a new generation extension board for all 5V devices that brings extreme convenience to all our homes and offices.

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