• Portronics POR-812 Diski 4-in-1 Card Reader Connect with USB (Silver)
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Portronics POR-812 Diski 4-in-1 Card Reader Connect with USB (Silver)

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Your smartphone's memory is very precious to you, whether IOS or Android. Limited memory capacity does not allow you to click pictures and videos, watch your favorite movies, download YouTube videos, and enjoy tons of music. You have to always clean up the memory in your smartphone, and store or delete your precious pictures / music. Also sharing music/video or other files is not as easy as using a pen drive. Finally, you were thinking of spending a fortune again and buying a higher capacity iPhone / Android device just for more memory because you realized that your existing 16/32/64GB device is falling short of memory. No need! Here steps in Portronics Disk- a 4-in-1 All-Purpose Card Reader. It is a perfect on-the-go companion which will work with all your smart devices connector types - USB, micro USB, Type C and Lightning (MFI certified).

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