• Portronics Harmonic 200 POR-927 Wireless Stereo Headset (Black)
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Portronics Harmonic 200 POR-927 Wireless Stereo Headset (Black)

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Retractable Earbuds:- It has a narrow, strong and flexible stereo neckband with retractable earbuds that can easily be extended to both of your ears and can equally easily be retracted back in the silicon body with just one press of a button, thus without creating any mess of dangling cables all around you.
Crystal clear Audio:- Due to its superior tuned drivers, Bluetooth 4.1 technology, advanced CSR chipset, and CVC background noise reduction technology.
Foldable Design:- In this space crunched life, Harmonics 200 is foldable thus saving your space in storing it and carrying it with you.
3 Pair of Ear Tips:- Additionally Harmonics 200 comes with 3 pair of ear tips of L/M/S sizes for your ears.
Compatibility:- Harmonics 200 bluetooth headset can be connected to most of the Bluetooth enabled devices, such as iPhone X / iPhone8/ iPhone 8 Plus iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 6s / iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9 8 / Note 8 / S6 / S7 Edge, Moto Z / HTC 10 / HTC Desire 10 / ASUS Zenphone 3 / Huawei P10 / 9 Honor8, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy devices, Sony devices, Bluetooth enabled PSP, TV, computer and more.
Key Features:-Easy Controls Button Allows you to control music and calls effortlessly and accurately with one-touch controls located intuitively on the neckband.
Flexible, Lightweight, Convenient:- Ergonomically designed ear hooks, with snug fit ear buds, a durable Silicon Material neckband and a lightweight body of 67grams only all combine to make Harmonics 200 super comfortable to wear all day long.
Water Resistant:- Hydrophobic nano coating and IPX5 rating ensure effortless performance in practically any environment like in running, jogging, hiking, yoga, exercises, gym, fitness, travelling and etc.
Color Black

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