• Portronics POR-004 Muffs R Bluetooth Headphone with Mic (Black)
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Portronics POR-004 Muffs R Bluetooth Headphone with Mic (Black)

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Wifi Mode

Bluetooth Headphone

Audio Headset Output

Headset,user Manual

Muffs R headphones are fully equipped with magnets at the back that ensure the comfort of the ergonomic ear-tips and neckband design. No wonder if the MUFFS R wireless headphones can easily become an essential part of your day-to-day life. It’s a must have accessory for all sections of society namely working people and students of all ages. Imagine a headphone that quickly charges within 3 hours giving you whole day battery backup incorporated with a wireless set which saves you the wrath of entangled cables giving you a hassle-free audio delivery. Also, this set is lightweight and compact enough to comfortably wear for hours making it a wise choice for all the music lovers. The rugged foldable design ensures durability for its use over months and years of use. In addition, it is made up of high quality material which is both durable and strong. The best of the headphones for both deep and powerful bass. The ambient sound produced by this headphone not only incorporates high quality bass but also the lows. Delivering 10-15 hours of talk time and continuous audio playback of 15 hours on a single charge, is one of the eminent feature of this product which is sufficient enough to last for a day and enables it to be used while traveling etc. Convenient buttons to control functions like audio and call control make it easy to glide between songs and answer , reject , finish phone calls. This Bluetooth headphone with mic allows you to pause, play, change tracks, adjust the volume and even answer the calls with a simple tap on the MFB (Multi-Function Button) on the ear- pad.

Color Black
Wifi Mode Bluetooth Headphone
Audio Headset Output Headset,user Manual

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