• Zoook Rocker ZK-ZM-RKSymphony Earphone with Mic (Black)
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Zoook Rocker ZK-ZM-RKSymphony Earphone with Mic (Black)

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Audio Headset Output

Headset,user Manual

A richer sound experience: Feel every note and hear every moment with symphony earphones. Absorb and immerse yourself in a high performance audio experience. One-click: A built-in microphone and playback control to ensure a full range of function when the symphony earphones are plugged in. Ultra-comfort cushions: Three different cushion sizes are provided to help you find the ideal fit. These ultra-comfort cushions enable passive noise isolation and the perfect grip. Tangle-free use: The symphony earphones have a lightweight cable design that minimizes tangled wires.

Color Black
Wifi Mode Bluetooth Headphone
Audio Headset Output Headset,user Manual

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