• Zoook ZB-Rocker Bomb Bluetooth Headphones (Brown)
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Zoook ZB-Rocker Bomb Bluetooth Headphones (Brown)

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Special Price 1,090


Wifi Mode

Bluetooth Headphone

Audio Headset Output

Headset,user Manual

Zoook Rocker Bomb is a premium, lightweight, wireless and flawless 4 in 1 headphone with FM, aux, Bluetooth and TF that offers immense connectivity options to suit your needs. With very good bass it provides the soothing clarity that gives you the best listening experience without worrying about the wires. We bet you can't get a better product in this price segment, the bass and clarity will blow your mind. Enjoy your music even when the battery is over as you have the option to connect it even with an aux cable.

Wifi Mode Bluetooth Headphone
Audio Headset Output Headset,user Manual

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