• Zoook ZK-ZM-E100 in-ear Headphones (Black)
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Zoook ZK-ZM-E100 in-ear Headphones (Black)

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ZOOOK Musicana Earphone ZM-E100 Great sound meets a secure fit with supreme comfort all at an unbelievably low price! The ZOOOK Musicana Earphones gives you what you want in an earphone for any situation from casual listening to exercising to jamming on stage with great accessories. Plus, your purchase will be backed by a company that stands behind their product and provides exceptional customer service. Enjoy music, movies, videos, voice and more like never before with a product at this price! The E100 is compatible with devices that have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack such as MP3 players, blackberry phones, many smart phones, portable DVD players, computers, and more. Stylish in-ear design with an over-the-ear fit provides passive noise reduction allowing you to play your music at lower volumes even in noisy environments. Acoustically advanced ZOOOK Musicana series earphones deliver clear, accurate sound from any portable music or DVD player. In-the-ear design leaves the wires untangled near your body, best for your sports activities. Lightweight, in-ear design blocks out ambient noise better than many bulky battery-powered noise-canceling earphones. Enjoy full dynamic range of your favorite music and movies without cranking up the volume to unnatural, or even unsafe listening levels. Our earphones are engineered to achieve best sound quality. "ZOOOK stands behind its products and wants you to be satisfied. Great dynamics and amazing bass combined with crisp, clear sound makes your movies rumble and your bass heavy music shine! The E100 has an over-the-ear, stage monitor design with Tube wire to hold the earphone securely in place for a locked-in fit perfect for strenuous activities such as running, weightlifting, biking, and skydiving! But just because the E100 excels for those activities, it is also great for everything else such as walks, sitting at a computer, or even sleeping.

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